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Q. I’m considering building a home. How much will it cost me per square foot?

A. Since many contractors advertise that you’ll pay “per square foot,” this is a very common question. However, the price of the project is really determined by many factors – from your personal taste in products to your choice of flooring and cabinets. The cost of each item can vary, directly effecting your bottom line price.

To come up with a realistic budget estimate, we’ll sit down with you for a free consultation. We’ll get to know you and what it is you want. Only then can we help you come up with a budget, with no surprises coming up in the middle of the project. Then we can take your project to the next level in the process. Click here to set up your free consultation.

Q. Can we add a bedroom in our basement even if we don’t have any windows?

A. Most building codes require an opening to allow escape in case of an emergency, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create a bedroom. You can always have one installed. Adding egress windows (windows large enough for a person to escape) is not an uncommon process these days, even when a window well must be added. As your contractor, we’ll always install a proper drain system to avoid basement flooding.

Also, there are more attractive options when it comes to window wells than there were just a few years ago. Click here to see some photos of the process.

Q. Is it possible to add a bathroom in our basement if one wasn’t roughed in when the house was built?

A. Yes, in most cases. We’ll just have to tear out and replace some of the basement floor. You may see this as an advantage, as you have more flexibility in designing your layout.

Q. I’m thinking about building a new home. Is it easier to purchase plans from a magazine or the Internet, or to hire someone to draw them for me?

A. It’s rarely simpler to purchase “generic” magazine or Internet plan, because they’re not designed to reflect local building practices. For instance, most are drawn for homes that sit on crawl spaces or slabs, and designed without using roof trusses for framing, which adds to structural supports needed. While some do offer the ability to add basements or roof truss options to the plans at an additional cost, it will be necessary to have many copies available for our vendors. Since making your own copies of the purchased plan is a violation of copyright law, this will be an added expense.

Why not have MooreHouse Construction Services design your project for you? You’ll get exactly the design you want, and the plans will be appropriate for current practices and compliant with all local codes.

Q. How can I take advantage of the energy tax benefits the government is offering?

A. To find out about the requirements and suggestions on how to take advantage of these tax benefits, please visit the Department of Energy Web site at http://www.energy.gov/yourhome.htm.

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